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17-263: Consultant: Emergency Response Field Hospital
Country:Los Angeles, CA or Washington, DC
Department:Emergency Response Team
Essential Job Duties/Scope of Work:
International Medical Corps maintains a 12 shelter, 50 ton emergency response field hospital. The field hospital was initially designed to respond to only the largest emergencies, such as the Haiti 2010 Earthquake, International Medical Corps has undertaken an effort to “modularize” the hospital to make it more flexible and easily deployable to a range of crises and disasters, including: 1) small natural disaster; 2) disease outbreak; 3) nutrition emergency; 4) large scale displacement.

International Medical Corps has secured significant funding and in-kind support from a range of private sector partners, including FedEx, who is now warehousing the hospital and has agreed to provide deployment in the aftermath of a disaster. In fall 2017, International Medical Corps will administer a training simulation in Los Angeles to support and training efforts and secure additional financial support.
International Medical Corps is currently seeking a consultant from June 15, 2017 through December 31, 2017 to enhance the preparedness and response capacity of International Medical Corps Emergency Response Field Hospital.

In coordination with the Emergency Response Unit and Field Hospital working team, the consultant will:

• Develop and implement all aspects of the Fall 2017 training simulation, including:

o Coordinating all logistics of the Fall 2017 event (finding space for the training; identifying all necessary accommodations, food, shelter, security etc.) ensuring the training meets all relevant county and state guidelines for emergency response training simulations

o Coordinating the design and ensuring the excellent implementation of the training program for International Medical Corps staff and volunteers

o Coordinate with FedEx on moving the hospital to LA; set up and break down; and moving the hospital back to Memphis, including ensuring that any cleaning / repacking is done appropriately and that packing lists and any updated materials are communicated with FedEx’s team in Memphis

o Coordinating donor event logistics to ensure the opportunity for donors to participate in the training program and/or donor event as needed

o Liaising with emergency response partners to secure volunteers

o Liaising with field hospital donors and/or media as needed

o Overseeing the event budget

o Ensuring compliance with all applicable International Medical Corps policies/procedures and state, local, national regulations and laws

• Lead, coordinate and/or participate in meetings with key stakeholders of the hospital, including FedEx Cares and FedEx marketing teams, to ensure appropriate input and participation in the simulation and the development of the ongoing hospital needs

• Prepare a final training simulation review, documenting all simulation plans and procedures; outcomes; lessons learned; and next steps

• Liaise with donors and partners as necessary to ensure MOUs are up to date