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18-099: Procurement, Logistics & Systems Assistant
Country:Los Angeles, CA or Washington, DC
Essential Job Duties/Scope of Work:
SUMMARY In compliance with the policies and guidelines in the Procurement Manual, version 2017, carry procurement and logistics activities to support HQ offices of Los Angeles, Washington DC. MAIN RESPONSIBILITIES Procurement 1. Process procurement requests for various HQ departments 2. Process international procurement requisitions in collaboration with Corporate Procurement, Global Procurement, Legal, Compliance, GCM 3. Ensure receipts are documented by Services/Goods Received Notes and procurement documentation is turned over to Finance for payment Compliance & Reporting 1. Manage administrative tasks for BIS compliance for affected missions in collaboration with Legal, Compliance, Global Procurement and missions 2. Review TTS requests of travelers to sanctioned countries and work with Legal and Compliance to ensure requirements are met prior to staff travel to affected countries 3. In collaboration with IT and Human Resources, ensure IMC assets are returned to stock upon staff separations 4. In compliance with the Procurement Manual version 2017, assigned vendors are prequalified & reported 5. Track blanket purchase agreements, subscriptions, professional memberships a. Assist in early renewals, cancelation of tracked contracts, licenses and professional memberships Masterdata & Asset Management & Inventory 1. KACE a. Enter meta data of contracts, licenses, membership renewals in to the database for future tracking and timely renewal 2. Track24 a. In collaboration with Global Security & IT, ensure users are input or removed in the system 3. Other databases a. Update HQ vendor database i. Track Not-to-Exceed amounts for BPAs as assigned b. Ensure annual Bridger Insight checks are completed, documented and reported c. Administer telephony activations, deactivations as required by HQ and field users i. Assess plans and present ideas for cost mitigation 4. Costpoint Oversee all aspects of procurement systems, system migration and upkeep a. Enter item, and supplier data b. Assist in tasks during implementation as assigned c. Assist in processing PRs through the system, up on deployment to HQ d. Assist in ensuring procurement documentation is accurate and complete e. Lead semiannual asset inventory reporting, tagging and recording f. Assist in training new users be act as level one support for all system related issues g. Update inventory for storage areas in Los Angeles h. Ensure changes in inventory are reported and documented Shipping and Forwarding 1. Preparation of domestic and international shipping documents 2. Manage relationships with courier and freight companies; freight forwarders as assigned Receiving 1. Ensure GRNs/SRNs for assigned vendors, HQ departments and missions are documented and match WOs, POs and vendor invoices Warehousing 1. Maintain, inventory storage areas in Los Angeles 2. Report inventory as needed 3. Document equipment intake and outtake as required Other Duties 1. Carry out other duties as assigned
• AA diploma or higher • AA diploma in supply chain, procurement, social sciences • 1-3 years of experience in processing complex procurements • 1-2 years of experience in data analysis, reporting • 2-4 years of procurement, logistics experience. • Overseas working experience in a NGO setting • Demonstrated experience in US government export regulations such as ITAR, BIS, OFAC • Experience in carrying out competing and detailed procurement transactions • Proven ability to work in diverse working environments • Experience in using procurement systems • Demonstrated command over procurement processes, tracking reporting • Ability to plan and conduct training to logistics support staff • Strong written and communication skills in culturally and functionally diverse environments • Attention to detail and critical thinking