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17-521: Logistics Management Information Systems – Program Manager
Essential Job Duties/Scope of Work:



The LMIS-Program Manager (LMIS-PM) is responsible for planning and implementation of logistics management information software/systems for International Medical Corps including future systems development.


International Medical Corps has developed 2 systems (Costpoint and Easy Logistics Stock and Distribution (CP / E-LSD)) and successfully piloted those in 2 country programs. A 3rd LMIS (Concord) is developed and implemented in one program only. The LMIS-PM is expected to drive the replication of the LMIS to other country programs (with possible integration of Concord in a later stage).


The LMIS-PM is responsible for the planning and execution, management of resources and risks and communication aspects related to the project. S/he is expected to achieve optimum country team’s acceptance, adequate infrastructure for software roll out is in place, organization of trainings, implementation process and post implementation review.


S/he is part of the Global Logistics & Supply Chain team, works under the management of the Director of Global Logistics & Supply Chain and supervises the Costpoint, E-LSD implementation teams, and the Field Technical Support Manager. S/he is expected to closely collaborate with the Country Management Teams, Regional Logistics & Supply Chain team, Logistics and Finance Desks, Deltek and IT developers, follow PMO standards to project management and seek consultation services from the project management office as required.


The LMIS-PM will be stationed in regional locations / country programs with numerous rotations/travel.



  1. Coordinate future LMIS developments
    1. Provide inputs to program developers and Deltek SCM / ELSD development teams with regards to LMIS upgrades and improvements and coordinate the system improvement.
    2. Recommend and facilitate standardization of forms, processes, naming and data inputs between the different systems.
    3. Ensure full compliance of LMIS processes with internal existing processes. Recommend amendments when required.
    4. Work with the Logistics/Finance desk on data configuration simplification, standardization of documents formats and report formats ensuring compliance with the internal policies and procedures.
    5. Lead intra-agency strategic forums with regards to LMIS.
    6. Integrate the different Item Catalogue projects to the LMIS projects.


    7. Assessments
      1. Prepare, effect and document IT assessments in coordination with the IT Department HQ as well as with local capacity.
      2. Coordinate with the in-country logistics team and Logistics Desk warehouse assessments based on the Costpoint software requirements.
      3. Coordinate with the Regional Logistics Coordinator and Country Management Team staff capacity assessment having in mind their user roles for the software usage.


    8. Infrastructure improvements
      1. Organize and coordinate efforts for improvements in IT, warehouse and staff capacity providing timelines for completion and ensuring in country coverage from existing projects.
      2. Prepare budget with local and HQ IT support for infrastructure improvements based on the assessments and in coordination with logistics and finance in country/desk teams prepare allocations to projects/shortfalls.


    9. LMIS Communications
      1. Ensure country team acceptance for LMIS roll out through LMIS introductions through engaging decision makers.
      2. Prepare, organize, conduct and cascade LMIS introductions from desks, country management teams to final users having in mind type of information to be shared with different stakeholders.
      3. Develop communication strategy and plan for country management and other key stakeholders.
      4. Set up a central document repository for each implementing country (in Onecorps.)
      5. Provide regular status reports to both implementing country management and the Director of Global Logistics & Supply Chain.
      6. Conduct regular internal implementation team meetings to ensure issues being addressed in a timely fashion.
      7. Introduce production support procedures to country users.


  2. Planning, assessments, infrastructure improvements and LMIS introduction
    1. Planning
      1. Under the leadership of the Director of Global Logistics & Supply Chain and Global Logistics & Supply chain teams, is responsible for the LMIS deployment planning and execution including resource management (budget, staffing), and timely delivery of quality program outputs in line with agreed workplan.
      2. Prepare individual country LMIS implementation plan in coordination with the Regional Logistics Coordinator and country management teams.
      3. Ensure LMIS implementation plans are clearly communicated to all stakeholders, suggestions incorporated and accepted.
      4. Review and revise LMIS implementation plan periodically ensuring revisions are clearly marked and properly justified.
      5. Develop country implementation budget and schedule.
      6. Maintain a risk/issue log for project health checks, coordinate risk mitigation elements.
      7. Work with the implementation team to develop a deployment checklist.


  3. Data preparation and configuration

    Accountable in the following areas:

    1. Plan, direct and support the Field Technical Support Manager in country warehouse stock data configuration, linked with Item catalogue and transfer data into selected LMIS system.
    2. Coordinate work among different departments in country and support desks in mapping organizational chart and business information flow within the country of implementation. 
    3. Together with the country management team define user categories and roles within mapped business process flow and assign the roles to the individuals.
    4. Support country management, finance, logistics, procurement, administration, audit and compliance teams in preparation of the Authorization Delegation Scheme as basis for designing approval process flow. 
    5. Prepare and conduct initial workshops and trainings with the budget holders and requestors on budgets, pipelines, donor regulations and inventory abbreviation.
    6. Coordinate with the finance desk and in country finance director project account mapping with inventory abbreviations.
    7. Coordinate preparation of information for the asset upload with regards to all details needed.
    8. Facilitate exchange of warehouse and stock/inventory reports information and its appropriate configuration for software upload.


  4. Training and roll out

    Accountable and have overall responsibilities in the following areas:

    1. In coordination with Regional Logistics Coordinator prepare the budget for the software roll out taking into consideration timelines and LMIS team needed for the roll out.
    2. Develop the training agenda.
    3. Share and discuss the training agenda with the country teams ensuring appropriate level of commitment from the team.
    4. In coordination with the country team prepare travels and accommodation for the training teams and their in country mobility.
    5. Prepare and conduct training feedback survey.
    6. Follow the PMO process to conduct post reviews of the country implementation process.
    7. Establish and execute on specific Go/No Go criteria.


  5. Compliance & best practices
    1. Committed to fraud detection, risk reduction and fraud reporting, ensure compliance with International Medical Corps policies and procedures, donor regulations and local laws. Work with country teams to implement corrective measures.


  6. Working Relationships and effective staff management
    1. Work under direct supervision of the Director of Global Logistics & Supply Chain.
  7. Effective coordination & representation internally and externally
    1. Participate in inter agency collaboration initiatives & sector forums, representing and promoting International Medical Corps.
    2. Represent IMC in a positive and professional manner to contribute to the creation of a positive image and overall credibility of the organization, notably through the application of IMC’s mandate, ethics, values and standpoint with regard to other actors.
  1. Supervise the Field Technical Support Manager and the implementation team. Set and monitor performance targets, organizing tasks and workload of staff assigned to the role for supervision.
  2. Provide support to the assigned logistics team in the  delivery of the overall program procurement activities in accordance with key performance indicators;
  1. Coordinate with Regional Logistics and Supply Chain teams, relevant SMEs, and desk units.





  1. Experience in development or implementation of ERP, CMR or similar data/Information systems.
  2. Experience in project management.
  3. Proven record on the ability and experience of the management of country support services at a senior level. Regional experience is a plus. 
  4. Academic degree in procurement, supply chain, logistics, IT or relevant field or similar.
  5. Experience with donor specific procedures related to logistics and procurement.
  6. Experience in remote management. Experience in working with dispersed team members across the globe.
  7. Strong organizational and problem-solving skills with analytic approach.
  8. Strong interpersonal, management and leadership skills.
  9. Strong diplomatic and negotiation skills.


  • Language / Other skills:
    1. Ability to read, write, analyze and interpret, technical and non-technical in English. French or Arabic is a plus.
    2. IT proficiency


Duration of the Assignment: Minimum 1 year