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18-231: Security Manager
Essential Job Duties/Scope of Work:
Position Description/ Scope of Work (Essential Duties):
• Develop and update the country-specific Security Risk Assessments, Standing Operational Procedures and Hibernation, Relocation and Evacuation plans and submit on a 6-monthly basis to the Director of Global Security (DGS) or when required by the senior management team.
• Ensure that all safety and security policies and procedures are monitored, revised and implemented by coordinating and working with all field and office-based staff at all levels and locations. This is in direct accordance with the Country Director (CD), Deputy Country Director (DCD), and DGS at all times after collating all security related information from local, national and regional sources and conducting a threat, risk and outcome analysis.
• Ensure that all national and international staff are fully cognizant of current and possible security threats and are fully advised on the mitigation methods to neutralize those threats.
• Ensure that an effective and workable internal communication system is implemented and practiced with redundant emergency communication networks (text, Skype, hand held radios, Whatsapp etc) for all international and senior national staff, and the provisioning of emergency supplies for field personnel where required.
• Oversee and advise to all program and operational IMC staff at all levels for the facilitation of movement and access to areas of operation. This is facilitated by the local security staff  in conjunction with the local national security forces and government agencies.
• Ensure that all incidents involving IMC staff, vehicles and assets are investigated, logged and recorded on the IMS system in a timely and accurate manner.
• When directed by HQ, DGS, and or by the CD assist, advise and monitor with any investigation (fraud, compliance and PSEA) that may have security related connotations to ensure the appropriate levels of mitigation measures are instigated and applied. Any lessons learned from the investigations are to be incorporated into future IMC SOP’s and staff awareness and training.
• Assist with the writing of proposals, advise on security related aspects of proposals and budget related issues. Monitor and manage security lines and budgets for program and operational sites.
• Advise, facilitate and assist on field assessments for new and existing program locations and activities when required, this should be in conjunction with program and operational managers from all departments and provide the necessary follow up reports and recommendations in a timely manner.
• Part of the Field Incident Team during a crisis situation and advise on possible security and safety related problems and ensure the correct policies and procedures are implemented.
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• Advise and work with the vehicle fleet managers and logistics teams to ensure that all drivers are fully aware of the IMC policies and procedures when driving IMC staff and all vehicles are serviced and maintained on a regular basis.
• Facilitates the provision of communications equipment (hand held radios and satellite phones) and emergency medical bags to be carried in all IMC vehicles and ensure that adequate instruction is given on the communication and medical items for emergency use.
• Perform other duties as required and directed by the CD and DGS.
• University degree in Security/Organizational Management, or related field, preferred.
• Technical degree or certification in related field with significant applicable experience.
• Five years of work experience in Security Management Level (Security Services, Police or Civil Defense) with 2 years in a conflict or post conflict environment.
• Must have experience in unstable and resource deprived environments.
• Strong understanding of the security, cultural, political and religious situation in country and surrounding areas, and be able to live and work successfully in the environment.
• Experience in conducting operations safely and efficiently in areas of conflict and natural or man-made disasters
• Practical experience and knowledge of Risk, Threat and Vulnerability assessments and written report writing, conflict mitigation and advanced first aid.
• Strong negotiation, interpersonal and organization skills.
• Experience in working with Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) or the United Nations is desirable.
Other comments/ Recommendation:
1. Compliance/reporting
• Submit weekly security reports to IMC headquarters and Iraq-based staff, provide timely updates of all situational and security developments including investigation of security, PSEA and compliance incidents when allowed by the Oath of Confidentiality if signed.
2. Human Resources
• Oversee recruitment and selection of qualified national security field staff, recommend promotions, disciplinary action and termination of security staff in consultation with the CD and Human Resources Manager.
• Ensure all staff are fully aware and conversant with complaints and reporting mechanism for any safety and security related incidents.
4. Training/ Capacity Building
• Write RFQs, plan and conduct training for internal and external courses to cover safety and security related issues (HEAT, First Aid and Driving etc) for all staff.
• Manage, mentor and train national security officers at all levels to increase their safety and security related awareness.
• Train sub-partner staff on security related matters as dictated by the program needs.
5. Working Relationships
• Maintain and enhance working relationships as a member of the IMC country team at all levels.
• Build strong professional relationships with UN agencies, Ilocal authorities and other NGO’s both international and national.
6. Representation
• Attends security coordination meetings and updates CD on current security issues
• Contribute to the creation of a positive image and overall credibility of the organization, notably through the application of the organizations Code of Conduct, ethics, values and stand-point with regard to internal and external actors.